A MidSummer's Night

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A Midsummer's NightView of Columbus as seen from the Main Street Bridge Milestone 229 Restaurant w/LeVeque Tower and Ohio Supreme Court in the background

Some things never fail to captivate me.  A skyline view with beautiful lights and a river is one of those things.  I made the comment when I posted this on Facebook that I know that this is the shot of Columbus that everyone takes.  I've taken this same shot myself a few different times; each time it looks a little different and each time I am never disappointed when I walk across the pedestrian path on the Main Street bridge and I look up to see this view.

On this night, it was a lot warmer than the January walk across the bridge to get this shot.  In fact, the weather was perfection.  And if you haven't noticed my love affair with the city by now, you likely will by the time I'm finished with this post.

Columbus has a lot of things going for it, but few are more lovely than the Scioto Mile.  I suspect I'm not the only one who is anxious for the Scioto Greenways Project to wrap up sometime this Fall.  The last couple of years there has been a ton of construction going on along the river as they remove the dam just below the Main Street bridge.  Doing so is supposed to increase the flow of the river and create 33 acres of new green space along its banks for 

Looking down Front Street

recreation and development.  But man, oh man....it's not so pretty during the day time with all the fences and construction equipment.  Nighttime though, still seems magical.

I think I must not be the only one who thinks so because there are still lots of people out and about late into the evenings enjoying the promenade and Bicentennial Park.  Surrounded by the ambience from Milestone 229 restaurant, the Main Street and Rich Street bridges, and the award winning fountains, it's a beautiful place to stroll in the evenings. 

I love that for as romantic as it can be, you will also find lots of families and kids soaking up the city.  On this trip, I assume what was a father and son wandered into my shot of the fountains there and I couldn't have been happier.  It was completely heartwarming to watch these two...with the little one running around and then opting for a ride on Dad's shoulders.  It was one of those "happy accident" moments that you are all too glad to stumble upon as a photographer.  They wandered off into the darkness before I could reach them, but I love these photos nonetheless.


That's one of the things that I love about this city.  People of all ages out enjoying it...even late on a Sunday evening.  These photos were taken between 10-11pm on a Sunday night and it was as though you could feel the city winding down from the weekend and getting ready for a brief moment of sleep before Monday morning rolled around.  By the time I headed back to the car with camera and tripod in tow, the fountains finally shut off for the night and people were slowly starting to meander out of the park.

Another one of my favorite 614 spots.  Especially at night.  And especially in the summer.   

Soaking in the City Playing! Fountains at Bicentennial Park The Main Street Bridge - Pedestrian Path


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